asked questions

Does Leta Capital invest worldwide at Series A/B?
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Yes! We are geographically agnostic and don’t see any problems related to formal boundaries, so we look for extraordinary founders no matter their location. Leta Capital VC firm has three funds under management, and yes, our third fund is focused on Series A and Series B investments. Our average check is $0.5-$5M. We prefer to lead deals, leaving 25–50% of the round for co-investors.

What is the strategy of your current fund?
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An investment strategy of the Leta Capital Fund II is to invest in founders with strong anti-crises experience and with no ties to any geography. Leta Capital plans to invest 60% in B2B-software startups, 30% — in B2C-software, 10% — in innovations beyond the horizon. The current fund is focused on IT solutions for various sectors, based on deep R&D, mainly in the B2B area, which can make the existing market more efficient or even fundamentally change it, for example, business analytics, big data analysis, AI technologies, optimization and automation of processes, business robotization (logistics, production, etc.). 

The current fund is primarily focused on companies at growth stages with more than $50k/mo Net Revenue or more than $600K in Annual Booked Net Revenue, with more than 2xYoY business metrics growth rate.

Who should I reach out to?
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There are several rules: if you have a personal “warm” contact among founders who are familiar with us, then ask him or her for an intro. Another effective move is to contact our analyst. Few people think about this, but it is he or she who has a big influence on a startup’s destiny. Find a contact and write a letter where you briefly introduce yourself, describe your experience, project, key metrics and ask for a call.

An analyst is a person who is constantly in touch with partners, if he or she likes your startup, he or she is able to influence how it will be perceived in the team. A priori, the analyst has more time to study your project, dive deep into it, ask questions that will help to reveal the essence and give some new introductory information. Even if it turns out that the startup does not fit us according to some criteria, you will receive valuable comments on your presentation.

What’s the process like?
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Here is the step by step plan we advise you to stick to.

  1. You and your team prepare a full set of materials (create a data room).
  2. You send letters to analysts or info mailbox. At the first touch, when you send an email, at least attach a text description, one-pager and a deck. The rest is a subject for creativity, but do not forget about the common sense.
  3. We answer all the inbox emails, so if your startup fits our criteria, then we reach out to you and we together arrange a call.
  4. You go to online or offline meetings as prepared as possible (the main questions are related to metrics at this stage).
  5. Show your best side during due diligence (this process is not only about providing data, but also about the ability to communicate competently, to truly cooperate). This stage might take about 2-6 weeks.

Overall, if everything goes well, from the date you sent us your pitch till the day we close the deal there might be about  4-8 weeks. This is not the rule, but the average timing in our practice.