LETA Capital announces the State of Phygital 2023 report
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The report consists of a VC market analysis in phygital tech over the last decade, case studies, and a profound overview of breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities that we foresee in the upcoming future.

16 OCTOBER 2022
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Meet Sergey Toporov at London AI Summit 2024
Sergey will be judging AI startups on June 13th, the second day of the conference. Drop him a note on LinkedIn to set up a quick IRL meeting!
8 APRIL 2024
Vahan Mgebryan will be speaking at 0100 Conference in Prague
Meet our General Partner Vahan Mgebryan at 0100 Conference CEE 2024 in Prague on 14-16 May.
29 MARCH 2024
LETA Capital Welcomes Vahan Mgebryan as General Partner
LETA Capital is thrilled to announce the appointment of Vahan Mgebryan as a General Partner. This marks a significant expansion in our leadership team and expertise.
25 JANUARY 2024
Entrepreneur: 12 Books Every Tech Entrepreneur Should Read
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From Robert Sapolsky to Boris Stern. Here is a must-read book list for tech startup founders to lead their companies to a brighter future created by LETA Capital's Managing Partner Alex Chachava.
20 DECEMBER 2023
LETA Capital announces the State of Phygital 2023 report
Our Blog
The report consists of a VC market analysis in phygital tech over the last decade, case studies, and a profound overview of breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities that we foresee in the upcoming future.
16 OCTOBER 2022
Leta Capital invested in ShapesXR $8.6M Seed Round
New Investment
With the new capital infusion, the company is well-positioned to advance its product and technology to allow even faster creation by utilizing the latest AI capabilities, going cross-platform, supporting more hardware platforms, and reaching a broader range of enterprise clients.
9 AUGUST 2023
Entrepreneur: 5 Things Your Pitch Deck Needs to Include for VCs to Consider Investing in Your Company
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If you're looking for VC funding, you need to understand what investors are looking for in a company before they decide to invest. Here are five things your pitch deck should include.
24 JULY 2023
Leta’s portfolio company 365Scores was acquired for $160M
Worldwide leading sports results application 365Scores has been recently acquired by British public company Entain, one of the world's largest gaming groups.
5 APRIL 2023
Entrepreneur: What Does the Venture Capital Due Diligence Process Look Like?
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This is a step-by-step explanation of it prepared by Alex Chachava, a seasoned venture capitalist and Managing Partner of LETA Capital.
3 MARCH 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Handling a Tech Layoff in 2023
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This guide is for people who have been laid off and are now thinking about finding a new job or building a business. LETA Capital helps them navigate.
16 FEBRUARY 2023
Does Meta’s Horizon Workrooms Deliver? Sergey Toporov expresses his opinion
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Sergey Toporov is skeptical about the applicability of Meta's Horizon Workrooms in daily meetings.
6 JANUARY 2023
Alexander Zemlyak is now Principal & Head of Israel
We are happy to announce that Alexander Zemlyak will, from now on, lead all Leta’s activities in Israel.
13 DECEMBER 2022
Entrepreneur: 9 Ways a Venture Capitalist Should Help Startup Founders After Closing the Deal
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Here are nine ways an early-stage venture capitalist should help a startup after closing the deal and these are exactly what differentiates a great investor from a mediocre one.
17 OCTOBER 2022
VentureBeat: The multi-billion-dollar potential of synthetic data
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Synthetic data will be a huge industry in five to 10 years. Sergey Toporov explains why.
15 OCTOBER 2022
Alexander Chachava bought an international game developer and publisher MY.GAMES
MY.GAMES is a leading Eastern-European company in the online entertainment field with a wide spectrum of gaming projects with over 1 bn users.
LETA Capital announces the State of Phygital 2022 report
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Venture capital firm LETA Capital issues a report called “State of Phygital 2022”. It is our annual report highlighting the concept of “Phygital” and introducing a fresh look at the very fundamentals of “Phygital”.
When to poke the VC bear — writing the perfect follow-up email
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Founders are often frustrated when they don’t get a reply from VCs. But investors are people too — struggling with overflowing inboxes. So when should founders follow up on emails to VCs?
Synthesis AI Raises a $17 Million Series A To Expand Its Synthetic Data Platform
Portfolio News
The new funds will allow Synthesis AI to grow its world-class team and introduce new products to enable companies to build more advanced computer vision models faster.
28 April 2022
7 Tips for Startup Founders From an Entrepreneur Who Turned VC
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Alexander Chachava shared his tips on pitching, understanding motivation of VCs and the main "don'ts" for founders with Entrepreneur Media.
21 April 2022
Gaviti Raises $9M Series A Round
New Investment
This will help to improve existing tools that help companies stay on top of unpaid invoices and build out additional financial management services.
5 April 2022
The Information: Startup Founders, VC Firms Reexamine Ties to Russian Investors
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Russian investors also face growing concerns about their future fundraising prospects.
26 February 2022
TC Interview: $100 million… Leta Capital wants to be a friend to Russian-speaking founders everywhere
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While we are significantly broadening our geographic focus toward key global hubs, our strategy effectively remains the same.
23 June 2021
$100M to invest in Eastern-European founders around the world
Out of the $50M Fund II we have already invested $34.4M in 16 startups
21 November 2021
LETA Capital sold its share in Brain4Net to Kaspersky
Kaspersky has acquired Leta's portfolio company Brain4Net. Brain4Net has been developing solutions and services to help enterprises and service providers adapt modern technologies
LETA Capital led $10 Million Series A Prodly Round
New Investment
Prodly, the leading low-code Salesforce DevOps provider, today announced a Series A investment of $10 million led by Leta Capital, joined by TMT Investments, AltaIR Capital, and Flyer One Ventures.
Leta's exit: Nayax Ltd. (TASE: NYAX) acquires Weezmo
Leta Capital is happy to announce the first exit from Leta Capital Fund II, its portfolio company Weezmo was acquired by Nayax Ltd. (TASE: NYAX), the leading cashless solution provider. Leta Capital was a lead investor in the previous round, investing $1.5 mln in 2018.
Novakid Raises $35M in Series B to Support Expansion Into New Markets
Portfolio News
Novakid, an online language learning platform that provides personalized English learning for kids ages 4-12 through artificial intelligence (AI) and gamification, announces a $35 million Series B round led by Owl Ventures and Goodwater Capital. The existing investors LETA Capital, PortfoLion, TMT Investments, Xploration Capital and LearnStart also joined the round.