list of contractors for early-stage startups and VCs

LETA's List of Trusted Contractors, Vendors, Agencies, and Tools 2024

At LETA Capital, we've decided to compile a database of all the verified contractors, freelancers, agencies, and vendors we're familiar with, in addition to recommending some tools that our team and our portfolio companies use.

This initiative stems from the frequent requests we receive for reputable outsourcing specialists and software solutions. Our goal is to address the issue of trust and verification; naturally, this means that the list cannot be overly extensive – after all, you wouldn't recommend every single collaborator you've ever worked with, right? Nevertheless, we've managed to gather 80+ names and brands from LETA's team and community and have created a database of contractors covering areas such as legal services, financial services, marketing, PR, sales, and recruitment & HR. Please note that we plan to expand the list in response to external interest from the community.

We've noticed that our recommendations are scattered, and believe that consolidating them will benefit everyone. Therefore, we're excited to share this resource! We believe that compiling these contacts can significantly aid not only our portfolio companies but many other early-stage startups and VC teams as well.

So, here is our List of Trusted Contractors, Vendors, Agencies, and Tools for 2024 — up-to-date, neatly organized, and completely free (we are truly an entrepreneur-friendly VC firm!).

In this list, you will find names, website links, and short descriptions of people, agencies, and software tools in areas such as:

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If you have any issues with getting the list, please, reach out to Alina Gegamova at or drop her a message on LinkedIn.

It's important to note that LETA Capital assumes no liability for the outcomes resulting from the use of these tools and collaboration with the listed contractors. Our objective is solely to provide information, and we don't benefit from you using any specific solution or concluding contracts with vendors.