LETA Capital announces the State of Phygital 2023 report

16 OCTOBER 2022

In a landscape where the lines between physical and digital experiences are becoming increasingly blurred, LETA Capital is presenting its annual State of Phygital report. The report consists of a VC market analysis in phygital tech over the last decade, case studies, and a profound overview of breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities that we foresee in the upcoming future.

In this report, we’ve introduced several new angles to demonstrate how phygital technologies are shaping our reality right now. First, we’ve provided examples of what we define to be phygital, recognizing the ongoing lack of clarity in defining products and technologies within this space. Second, we’ve compiled open-source data showcasing how Tech Giants are investing billions of dollars in the Phygital world, propelling us swiftly towards a fully blended reality with no boundaries between the digital and physical realms. Third, we’ve assessed the challenges awaiting phygital technologies on their path to mass adoption and estimated the potential volume of the AR devices market by the end of 2029.

Read more here: https://www.leta.vc/phygital-2023