State of Phygital 2022

Venture capital firm LETA Capital issues a report called “State of Phygital 2022”. It is our annual report highlighting the concept of “Phygital” and introducing a fresh look at the very fundamentals of “Phygital”, which is a set of technologies that combine the physical (offline) world with digital (online).

We share our vision and insights on the rising merge of a few technology directions, such as XR, IoT, Edge Computing etc., into a new paradigm called Phygital. In contrast to the digital-only Metaverse future, Phygital is trying to enhance objects from the real world with digital content and capabilities. It is a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years and will continue to grow in the coming years.

We hope you will pay particular attention to page #11 of our report because we tried to prepare an ultimate market map of startups and vendors, involved in the creation of the Phygital world. Please, feel free to reach out if you know more solution providers, we will add them to the list next year.

In the previous report, we decided to focus on macroeconomic factors of the Phygital economy's emergence, challenges, and projections. Most of them are still relevant today. We believe that many upcoming events, such as Meta's Next VR Headset release this October (Meta Cambria, aka Quest Pro), will accelerate the penetration into everyday life.

Sergey Toporov, Partner at LETA Capital: "This year, in State of the Phygital 2022, we decided to elaborate more on existing use-cases of the Phygital approach. We want to help businesses and people from various industries, from retail to construction and logistics, see what has been done already and let them generate more new cases and brilliant ideas."

Download the State of Phygital 2022